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Fiesta ST Cargo Mat

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Does anyone have the Fiesta ST cargo mat for the trunk? I saw in another forum that someone said it will not fit if you have the floor load to the lowest position. Is this true? If so, it's kind of dumb that they designed it like that because I hate how high up they have the floor. You can barely fit anything in the trunk unless you put it at the lowest position.
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If you order one of these, 8A6Z-5811600-A, you currently get one of these: EE8Z-6111600-CA

It fits over the tire with a little bump, but the plus is that now I can use the tray in the upper or lower position and stuff doesn't fall down in the tire or as easily under the rear seats. The plastic is fairly flexible and allows the plastic shelf positions to stay in place as well as the two cubbie holes in the rear area.
Can I get a direct link to where you got yours? That mat would solve my issue of how I want to get my subwoofer set up and I can just route the cables nicely without having them visible and it makes it look nicer when you have it set up like you do without it showing the paint underneath and such.
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