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Fiesta ST ECU - North America vs Europe

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Unlike the Focus ST, which shares the same brand of ECU in both the North American and European cars, the North American Fiesta ST ECUs are manufactured by a different vendor. At least that's the way I understand it.

This of course has the possibility of slowing down the R&D of ECU tuning on the North American cars. It may be a non-issue. But, I just wanted to share the info.

Maybe someone with more direct knowledge will be able to shed some insight.
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Any further comments or progress on this thread? I drive a UK spec FiST and have been in contact with Cobb over the last few days and it sounds like they have not done any, nor do they plant to anytime soon, do development for the 'world' Fiesta :( Anyone know of anything different? Maybe they are just wanting to keep it all under wraps until it is complete. In about 3 months (Mountune releasing aftermarket tunes for FiST in US), Cobb will be the only guys left who don't have maps/hardware for both specs of FiST.
I am specifically interested in the AP3 platform and unfortunately I am not in the UK. I have tied up with a ST community locally and the consensus is that we have some cowboys tuning cars and the AP3 platform is the only route to go if you want to revert back to stock software for warranty purposes and is also one of the safest bases to work from. Anyone got some contacts in Cobb who might be able to assist or shed some light on a timeline for getting world spec ST software out?
Thanks for the info, Ian. Even if it is not what I wanted to hear :D| I can only assume that means you guys don't have a timeline attached to world support. I will try to be patient lol

I sent you a pm ;)
Hey Drifter. Thanks for the headsup. I am aware of Finsport's flash lead. I have also been following some of your posts on the local SA ST owner's forum. Do they also have a tuning platform like AccessTuner? From what I read and heard, I do not fully trust overseas OTS maps for our local conditions (fuel, altitude, temperatures).
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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