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Fiesta ST Interior Review

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Here is a POV interior review showing the features of the 2014 Ford Fiesta ST.
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There are three STs that just arrived at my dealer and they do NOT have the electronic self-dimming mirrors.
As I was overwhelmed with the thought of just driving away with one of these and had to leave.
I totally overlooked the rear headrests.
I may go back tomorrow to look/drool again.

Presumably those had Recaros as well?

September 15th is coming.
Yes, they do have Recaros.

The ETA has been updated to the 12th.

September 12th? I am sure you are getting very excited!
It is almost unbearable.
I have NEVER waited this long to buy a car.
What is worse is that I have ALL the money.
I need to go back to the dealer today to drop off a part to my service writer for his Ford Th!nk.
I MUST leave my check book at home or that blue one might be mine.

1 - 3 of 61 Posts
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