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My aplogies everyone for the poor video quality. I recorded it in 1080 using the GoPro Hero3 and uploaded it to YouTube from the camera, only to find the quality is crap. I tried about a dozen times last night to get the 1080 version to upload, and I got nothing but errors. I will try again and see if I can get a better copy out there for everyone.

RodMoe, I think I will hate armrests for the rest of my life. Perhaps in another life the armrests did horrible things to me and I can't forgive them. They haunt me in the night with their odd positioning and attack my elbows when I forget about them. I fear what they hoard inside their closed compartments. I will forever live with a burning hate for center armrests.

Wash, I don't think it is possible to run out of Overboost. You only have a few seconds in between shifts, so that would mean you need 20 seconds of WOT in 6th gear to run out of it. That would require an insane amount of straight track. A salt flat, banked oval (even then I doubt it), or maybe the straight at Road America. Actually, I would bet by the time you shift into 6th at Road America, you would be out of straight and getting into T1. I really don't see anyone running 20 seconds WOT in 6th gear in the car. However, speaking of easter eggs, I think there is one on the dash. If the lighting is just right, I can make out what looks to be a snowflake light. Just like a proper European car, it has a light to warn you that it is too cold for summer tires. :) I loved that light in the 2009 EU Fiesta I had a few years ago. It would change colors depending on temp.
Test drove the FOST a couple of months ago and even though the ride at low speeds wasn't overly harsh, It did feel a bit like a corn kernel just before the aluminum top rises on Jiffy Pop. How does the FIST ride at low speeds in less that perfect pavement? Can you compare it to the FOST?
1 - 1 of 61 Posts
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