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Fiesta ST Interior Review

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Here is a POV interior review showing the features of the 2014 Ford Fiesta ST.
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If anyone takes delivery of an ST without recaros please post a review of those seats. Im having a hard time justifying paying 2k for seats.
Remember it is seats, heated seats, and heated side mirrors.
Thank you sir. But I live in central Florida. So for me, it is just high bolstered seats.
From what I have noticed, other cars that offer Recaros as an option usually charge about the same, or more, for the seats. If you buy them aftermarket, you can easily spend $2k on just the front seats alone through Ford Racing or getting a Sparco/Recaro aftermarket seat.

Some cars offers Recaro's standard, but they're quite a bit more than $24,000. I've sat in the regular Fiesta and Focus seats - you get what you pay for.
One would hope that the non recaro ST seats are still different/better than stock fiesta seats. We shall have to wait and see. Adding the recaros requires another $200 down and $30 a month over 5 years. Makes the car go from a bargain to why didn't you just buy a wrx territory.
The base Fiesta ST seats are the same as the non-ST Fiesta seats. See this thread:
Thank you. Looks like I need to save up some more money.
StateFarm quoted me the same price as for a Titanium, but they said they had 'no data' on the ST. My guess is, even if I'm lucky, once a few idiots wrap them around poles my rates will go up. Auto insurance rates are certainly a mystery to most people, but it's always the cheap, fast cars that have the highest rates.
Once those cats wrap their ST around a pole then I can afford to buy their recaros from the junkyard. :good:
1 - 5 of 61 Posts
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