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Fiesta ST named Top Gear's 2014 Car of the Year

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Cheapest car I've owned... But damn is it grin worthy !
Pleasantly surprised how much I've been enjoying it.

Traded in a vehicle that cost twice as much, and came from another car that had more than twice the power... For daily purposes, this car is far more enjoyable. A great buy & a fantastic balance of fun/performance/practicality/economical etc...

I had never driven one or sat in one prior to ordering..... I did test out a Focus ST, and a regular Fiesta though before mine ever arrived. Those two drives had me convinced, that the FiST would be a good choice.

Tested out many other vehicles... a wide variety... And it's easily at the top of the fun list. And the bottom of the cost list. And right back up near the top of the fuel efficiency list. That's a pretty good formula for success if you ask me.
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