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Fiesta ST Purchase - likely soon

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Hey guys,

I'm looking at buying a new Fiesta ST to drive for 2-3 years, and then sell to my son when he's of driving age.

I think I'm stuck on an orange one at the moment. There is a local car with MSRP of $26,400 and I've talked them down to $22,700. Is this a reasonably good deal? I can't seem to find any orange cars with a sunroof, even sued, for less than 18k for a 2 year old model.

In my mind it's worth 4k for an extra 2 years of warranty and the ST Octane academy.

Car has:
Orange Paint
Black Wheels

I'm not so keen on NAV/Blackwheels but the discount seems to negate most of that cost.

Should I wait an order a 17 without those options?
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Sounds like a pretty good deal.

I decided to order mine about a week after the order book opened for the 2014 models. Just wanted mine as unmolested as possible. The only person to drive it was the salesman who took it to fill up with gas.

Mine is Green Envy, with Recaros (a must!) and sunroof. I think I paid about the same (been three years now, hard to remember). If I need nav, I just get the TomTom out.

I have not yet reached 18K miles yet, as I bicycle to work most days. But zero problems so far. Been back to the dealer for oil changes only.
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