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Fiesta ST Purchase - likely soon

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Hey guys,

I'm looking at buying a new Fiesta ST to drive for 2-3 years, and then sell to my son when he's of driving age.

I think I'm stuck on an orange one at the moment. There is a local car with MSRP of $26,400 and I've talked them down to $22,700. Is this a reasonably good deal? I can't seem to find any orange cars with a sunroof, even sued, for less than 18k for a 2 year old model.

In my mind it's worth 4k for an extra 2 years of warranty and the ST Octane academy.

Car has:
Orange Paint
Black Wheels

I'm not so keen on NAV/Blackwheels but the discount seems to negate most of that cost.

Should I wait an order a 17 without those options?
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For me the moonroof would go unused and eventually leak, so I opted to not go with one. I like the nav. It's not the best, but it's in dash so you don't have to have an external gps or use your phone and I leave it on the home screen most of the time so I can always glance at the map if I need to see when a road is coming up or something even if it's not navigating me.

Glad you picked it up. The orange is an awesome color but the problem with it is when it's not in direct sunlight people think it's red. I ordered mine with the orange paint, grey wheels, nav, and recaros.
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