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Fiesta ST rear brake rotors

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Let me start off by first saying that I've had the amazing Lapp Racing rear disc conversion on my Fiesta SES since waaay before the ST was released - But I know that they both use a bunch of the same parts from Ford.

My question is this: does anyone with an ST have pics of their rear disc setup with the wheel off? I'm curious if the stock ST rotors have that little extra Phillips head screw to keep them in place against the hub.

I know the rear brake drum covers that I originally had on that car had that - therefore there is a threaded hole already in my wheel hubs. But the stock Focus rear disc rotors that I'm currently running don't have that hole in them - and I don't really like how I can wiggle the rotors back and forth a hair while they are mounted on the wheel studs. I feel like over time this could cause undo wear on the studs where they pass through the rotor.

Any help is greatly appreciated guys!
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I bet Ford added the screw just so they don't have to worry about drums falling off the axle on the production line.
That is the only reason those screws are there.

There is absolutely NO way the rotor can possibly move when the wheel is mounted and tightened.

LOL That little screw wouldn't have held that together anyway.

And that's a front not a rear.
How in hell did you do that?

It looks like the hat itself just broke.
I don't think welding would have made any difference.

1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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