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Fiesta ST Vs. Lancer Evolution

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I am considering these two cars heavily. Has anyone been an Evolution owner? I would be buying a new 2014 model. The ST looks to be a great car, but I am unsure if the HP will be an issue, as I am coming from an e36 m3. I have also never owned a FWD car before, so that is a tradeoff.

Thoughts? The Evolution will be discontinued soon, so this may be a now or never type of decision. Looking for input!

Also, has anyone seen a white fiesta with the molton recaro interior? It is buildable on ford's site, but I have yet to see one in my search.
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I did cross-shop the Evo with the FiST, and I felt the power and grip of the Evo was at another level. My issues were Mitsubishi's questionable longevity for the interior and body parts, as well as their chances of staying in the US car market, as already stated by tubbyaz. For a daily driver that wasn't going to see the track much, the FiST is a better value.

After working on German cars, I would avoid anything from VW if you plan on keeping it outside the warranty period. Initial quality is high, but rarely will VW's efforts stay that nice for long.
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