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Fiesta ST Vs. Lancer Evolution

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I am considering these two cars heavily. Has anyone been an Evolution owner? I would be buying a new 2014 model. The ST looks to be a great car, but I am unsure if the HP will be an issue, as I am coming from an e36 m3. I have also never owned a FWD car before, so that is a tradeoff.

Thoughts? The Evolution will be discontinued soon, so this may be a now or never type of decision. Looking for input!

Also, has anyone seen a white fiesta with the molton recaro interior? It is buildable on ford's site, but I have yet to see one in my search.
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ive never owned an evo, but ive driven quite a few. I also owned an STI for a couple of years. The driving experience is quite different. Evos tend to feel heavier yet very stable on the road. I never even came close to spinning out or losing control, however, i did not feel quite as confident driving them as I do smaller cars like a fiesta or my 91 miata I just sold (with 37k original miles i might add)

The price points are also very different. Used evos with high mileage are still going for as much as a new fiesta. Personally, Id just say drive them both and keep in mind that the thousands of dollars you save on the fiesta can equate to a ton of aftermarket work down the road.

Also, are you finding dealers really sell fiestas 500 under invoice?!?!? I paid what the dealer showed me was invoice and i thought I got a crazy deal.
hmm i wonder why that is! I got my car at invoice plus 1500 in rebates so I was satisfied!
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