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The only advice I can give you Pewwwp is go and test drive one...go test drive a couple from different dealers like I did and make your decision cause noone can do that for you but you. I bought this car for the simple fact that its a tiny car, gokart like with power. To me its like a toy where you can run through the gears, take corners fast and accel in and out of traffic quickly. This little car is no slouch especially on the freeway, it pulls and just wants to keep pulling. I bought this car for the fun factor. Also makes a great track car with great potential.
Its not a perfect car but its just FUN even with its minor flaws which makes me overlook when driving it everyday. The M3 is a bad ass car, It was on my list b4 buying my ST but its expensive to maintain which is the real reason why I didnt.
Go test drive on for a good 20mins and come back and let us know what you think.
1 - 2 of 91 Posts
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