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Fiesta ST Vs. Lancer Evolution

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I am considering these two cars heavily. Has anyone been an Evolution owner? I would be buying a new 2014 model. The ST looks to be a great car, but I am unsure if the HP will be an issue, as I am coming from an e36 m3. I have also never owned a FWD car before, so that is a tradeoff.

Thoughts? The Evolution will be discontinued soon, so this may be a now or never type of decision. Looking for input!

Also, has anyone seen a white fiesta with the molton recaro interior? It is buildable on ford's site, but I have yet to see one in my search.
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Also I don't believe you can get a new GTI for $19000. Of course with their faulty engine they may be heavily discounting them.
I have a 2011 GTI which cost $29,000 and even though my ST won't be in for another week or two, I am really curious to compare them performance wise.
I bet you could get pretty close to 19-20k if you find a '13 GTI still on the lot. '14s here start at 22.5 and go up to 31.

I have both the cars in my driveway right now and I'd say that the GTI seems to pull harder while the ST is much more agile. The weight difference is extremely noticeable. The GTI also cooks its brakes faster on the same foothill roads that I wring them out on.

The interior is superior on the GTI, but the seats are better on the ST. I prefer the shifter on the ST, but my wife prefers the GTI. Steering I'd give to the ST. The dog definitely prefers the GTI due to a flatter cargo area, higher roofline, and easier access to the rear windows.

Both are good cars, it's really a matter of preference thing.
DC metro is here so yup, USD.

I wouldn't say either of them are particularly laggy. I don't know that I could make that call. I never really do rolls or drag stuff so I'm not the best to ask. I will say that it's much easier to get power down in the ST coming out of a corner because the GTI has a much harder time rotating and has much more pronounced understeer. This is even more noticeable right now since they're both on winter tires. The GTI on winters just straight up plows and takes forever to get the nose where you need it comparatively. It's more predictable in the slush though...the ST likes to wag the rear in bends in the snow.

GTI is on X-ices ST is on Blizzaks right now FWIW.
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