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Fiesta ST vs the Focus ST

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To be honest I would be happy with either, awesome to see Ford making and sharing with the US market, some fast hatches.
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I have driven both, and owned a 13 Focus SE 5-speed and I agree, the interior of the Focus is better than the Fiesta. The Focus and Fiesta are similar but different, the Focus is meant to compete against the WRX, GTI, and other larger hot hatches. The Fiesta is meant to deal with the MINI Cooper, and other smaller euro hatches. I love our car's sense of constant eagerness (its like the car always wants to go fast, like an eager bulldog on a leash), but the Focus is much more of a serious performer.
@sickesss what do you think of the new Mustangs using the 2.3 liter ecoboost? My opinion is that I think they will be a ton of fun with a lot of potential for modification... and I hope they call it either an SVO or ST... your thoughts?
A friend of mine has a 13 Mustang with the Coyote 5.0 V8, simply an awesome powerplant. I also love the fact that you can get into a Shelby or a Rousch and essentially get Supercar levels of performance from a Mustang platform... They are also transitioning to a independent rear suspension for 2014 no? I certainly hope so in order to keep up with the new onslaught of cars from Chevy (1LE, ZL-1 and Z/28).
1 - 4 of 76 Posts
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