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Fiesta ST vs the Focus ST

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Sweet it just keeps rolling on :)
Posting these kinds of stats against the Focus ST is basically what got me band from the Focus ST forums. They even deleted all my posts. Apparently they didn't care for my opinion. ;)
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I would say that this is a fair statement. The Focus is more like... an EF-111 compared to the Fiesta ST which is more like a trainer plane.
Right! Which is why the 2012 National Rally circuit dropped the Focus ST in their line up for the Fiesta ST platform... because it was more like a trainer plane. I think not! Bottom line is the Fiesta ST can handle the same power output as the Focus but the base platform is more agile and weighs like 500lbs less. A no brainer for competitive motor sports. The future is light weight agile cars. The Focus ST just found that out the hard way.
1 - 3 of 76 Posts
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