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Fiesta ST vs the Focus ST

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Just left a Focus ST group because posting Consumer Reports finding the Fiesta ST better than Focus ST was "fanaticism" and the "reviewer must be some kind of uneducated idiot"... I'm like... you're talking about Consumer Reports, dude. Consumer Reports doesn't screw around.

Got tired of haterade about "190 mousepower"... -_- coming from Mustang guys would be one thing but to hear it from the FoST crowd seriously ticks me off.
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Hate to be play devil's advocate here but what did you expect? Poking at them that your car's better is always going to get emotional responses. You just look like a troll when you do that.
oh no, I got the comments hating on us long before I said/posted anything. Finally got tired of it and started posting comparos.

I also got tired of explaining why a BOV is stupid (eg no actual gain of any kind) on the FoST. "I REALLY NEEEED to advertise my car is turbocharged!"
I am so glad the FiST community is free of such tomfoolery
Sounds like a good excuse to troll away, haha.
yep that's almost literally what my thought process was. "Fuck it, DROPPIN THE TROLL BOMB"
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Somebody else said it well when they said the Fiesta ST felt like one of those acrobatic stunt planes and the Focus ST felt more like a jet fighter.
I would say that this is a fair statement. The Focus is more like... an EF-111 compared to the Fiesta ST which is more like a trainer plane.
A friend actually has a highly modded Turbo fit... and still makes less power than we do.
1 - 6 of 76 Posts
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