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Fiesta ST vs the Focus ST

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Posting these kinds of stats against the Focus ST is basically what got me band from the Focus ST forums. They even deleted all my posts. Apparently they didn't care for my opinion. ;)
Wow, that's just sad. "Hey guy, you're welcome on our forum... as long as your opinion's the same as mine and I agree with what you post here." Sheesh. I guess some guys can't differentiate between being a fan and being a narrow-minded fanboy. :meh:

With that said, the Fiesta ST was a better fit for me, and I'd buy it again in a heartbeat, but if I needed a slightly larger car, I think I'd be thrilled to be behind the wheel of a Focus ST as well. A huge thumbs up to Ford for making these cars available here in the States. :cool:
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^ I think we're kindred spirits, Jim. On paper, the FiST was exactly what I was looking for in a car, and in person, it hasn't disappointed me. The paint is rather odd, though, as half the time (depending on the light), the blue looks strikingly purple. Haha! :biglaugh:
1 - 2 of 76 Posts
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