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Finally bought a Fiesta ST after years of lust!

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I've been interested in the Fiesta ST since it launched in the US a few years ago. Being a Mustang guy, it was never going to happen unless I needed a second car... which I didn't. Well, long story short, I took a 2016 Miata on a test drive on a whim and liked it so much it made me sell my Shelby GT350 for more than sticker and pick up that cheap little roadster that honestly gave me as much excitement as the Shelby, but at 45% the cost.

Then, as fate would have it, I was t-boned a mere three weeks after getting the Miata and the car was totaled. At this point in my life, I'm now married and expecting kids soon, so I needed something a bit bigger than the Miata (duh!) and usable than another Mustang (plus, I was a little burnt out on Mustangs) and remembered that I still hadn't driven the Fiesta ST... so it was time. Additionally, the Miata set my mind right: I didn't need 400+ HP cars for enjoying driving on the street. I was moving beyond "street cred" vehicles and "spec sheet racing" and toward real world fun!

And now it's mine! So excited to have this little rocket and still have something I can use while my future kids are young and even just take the wife on road trips in relative comfort!

Here's me revealing the car to my mostly Mustang-loving YouTube channel subscribers. Wish me luck on the backlash!

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