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First oil change

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1. When will you do your first oil change?

2. Will you perform the oil change yourself, or have the dealer (or third-party) do it?

3. Will you use/specify a certain brand of oil?
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I am getting a total maintenance package with my car (a gift).
Full synthetic oil and changes every 5K.
All of the first checks are free anyway.
Also I know Joe Schmo, I used to work with him before I retired, he has always done a great job on my car.

I had the first oil change done yesterday.
I wanted to get the break in oil out.
On this first change because of the car's low,1100 miles, I decided to go with a synthetic blend.
All of the future changes will be full synthetic.

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I did my first oil change at 1100 mi,
I am now at 2500 mi. and I think I will do my second.
Only because I need the free car wash.

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I too am a great fan of using the best oil filter that will fit and I have done so for many years.
I also agree that larger version of the same filter should do a better job.

I had to ask.
It just so happens that my friend is the shop foreman at my dealership and my service advisor who I have known for many years.
Both tell me that if the oil filter is not on the master cross-reference list for a specific vehicle, this could be grounds for not allowing a warranty claim.

Now I know wash will kick in with about 3 pages of why they are better and I will probably agree with that too.
I am just relaying what representatives of my dealership say.
Please don't just take my word for this, check with your dealership.

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