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First oil change

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1. When will you do your first oil change?

2. Will you perform the oil change yourself, or have the dealer (or third-party) do it?

3. Will you use/specify a certain brand of oil?
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If you do a DIY change a quality cap type filter wrench that fits the flutes on the end of the filter is a big help, the OEM filter is on very tight from the factory and the access is a bit awkward. I happened to have a Hazet 2169 left over from another vehicle and it fit perfectly and worked great...from what I've read some have had trouble getting the factory filter off but this tool makes it easy. I'd definitely go for a name brand filter wrench, some of the low $$$ Chinese knockoffs look right but don't work well.

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Better than any filter wrench, buy a K&N with a hex nut welded on the bottom. Easiest filter to replace and a top quality product as well. Great idea.
I have used K+N oil filters on some vehicles, had no problems, and the hex nut definitely does help when access is bad...but a new one won't help at all getting the uber tight original OEM filter off (lotsa posts on this on Ford forums)...also I plan to stick with the Ford recommended FL910S while my car is under warranty to avoid any potential battles with the dealer or Ford should there be any engine problems, do not want to give them a possible excuse to deny a warranty claim, especially an expensive one if the engine died, etc...
1 - 2 of 94 Posts
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