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FiST Autocross Pics and Video Thread

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I wanted to start this thread as a place for us all to share any autocross videos or pictures of the FiST in action.
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Here is my video from this past Sunday. Picked up 2nd in GS behind a local national champ and 6th in PAX.
Holy crap! That was a long and fast course compared to the tiny parking lot courses we run here. I think the fastest I was able to hit on our courses was just over 40MPH. That was with the 2011 SES, so the ST will be a little better. I can't wait for April!
I was in third in two different spots. It was a fast, dirty course - a ton of fun.

Where are you located?
Nice, I have a bunch of runs recorded on a gopro hdhero but I haven't bothered to put them on my laptop because I know most of them have mistakes and there was one spot I never really figured out.

Good luck and give #1 some competition.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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