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FiST Fifth Gear 3-car comparo

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Tiff and Jason toss around the Peugeot GTi, Clio and the FiST. Entertaining review overall. The clips are split into three different segments (pretty much beginning, middle and end of the episode)

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Thanks, interesting and I like the result ;-) FWIW there is a print test of the same three cars plus a Nissan Nismo Juke and a MINI S JCW at
and the Fiesta ST does very well too, am especially impressed since it was up against the top of the line MINI. For me the main pull was the fun-to-drive factor rather than specific performance numbers and the ST has been the winner on that score in every test I've seen.
I dunno if its just me but ive grown to like the 4dr better than the 2dr...anyone else feels this way?
I get SERIOUS thrumming and pulsation with the sunroof open and lowering the rear windows slightly eliminates this completely. AFAIK the rear windows in the 2 door do not open so that could be a major problem with a sunroof equipped car. An owner from Australia said they get the 2 door but no sunroof option, don't know if that is the case in other markets....anyway the sunroof is a big deal to me since this car replaced a convertible so I'm OK with 4 doors since the whole package works better for me and the 4 door look is growing on me also.

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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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