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FiST Fifth Gear 3-car comparo

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Tiff and Jason toss around the Peugeot GTi, Clio and the FiST. Entertaining review overall. The clips are split into three different segments (pretty much beginning, middle and end of the episode)

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I didn't have to grow to prefer the 4 door.
Having owned a Camaro. .After a long history of trucks, I've already learned to dislike 2 doors. lol

I am glad we get 4 doors personally... And I actually prefer the look as well.

If I was buying the car for track only, I would feel differently. But this is my every day car.

No more taking my seat belt off and getting out, to let people in. No more crawling over the seat to reach stuff in the back seat. Yes please.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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