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I've owned a ton of cars and I'm super excited about my new purchase. Picked up my fully loaded Oxford White ST on Friday, just barely over 100 miles and looking forward to really getting to enjoy the car's capabilities. I'm coming out of a 2012 Honda Fit Sport, which I loved for many reasons, but missed the fun of driving. I've owned an 05 Evo VIII and 09 Subaru WRX and find this car an interesting comparison.

The ride is a nice balance. The WRX was a little too soft, the Evo was super firm. The FiST is firm but not unreasonable...sporty without being ridiculous. The power of the Evo was a BLAST, even before I started in with the mods. While the numbers don't lie, the ST feels as quick as the WRX. The interior of the FiST wins hands down. Evo was basic (but fit the car well) and the WRX was nice but no major bells and whistles.

This is the second Ford I've ever owned...had a 1998 Contour SVT back in the day. Hoping this one treats me as well as the CSVT did.

My only complaint coming off the Fit (which I obviously knew before I bought it) was the lack of cargo room in the rear. All that empty space between the rear cargo floor and the spare tire. Has anyone made their own rear cargo shelf that takes advantage of that extra 4-6 inches? I tend to haul around cases of wine, that extra space could double the amount of wine I can fit back there.

Oh, and not that you guys haven't seen one before, but here she is:
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