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FMIC opening

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Has anyone cut out the front section of bumpr to show FMIC? Kind of want to but no going back once it's done lol post some pics please

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Just popping the black grill in front of the FMIC frees up a bunch of airflow, you can do it with just your hands. Super easy to do.
Nope, just tabs, I take it off at the track and put it back on before I leave. It protects the FMIC from large objects that could hit the front during normal hwy driving.

Start at one side and pull forward, you will hear it pop and then work your way to the other side.

You can see what it looks like on my car with it off here:
I see but the vertical ones I would want gone too
I got it, I was just saying it's fairly easy to get an idea of what the opening would look like freed up on your own car by just popping off the black part. :)
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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