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FNG here from mixed car culture

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Hey everyone, new guy here. Kind of an interesting story as to how I landed here and with this platform. I come from a sport compact background, used to be very big in the Saturn community (stop laughing) and still have my old project car which is heavily modified. In the last few years, my best friend and I started a JDM import company out here in Orlando, bringing in vehicles that adhere to the 25 year import rule. It's a blast and got me back into the car scene of sorts. Well, I've always had a soft spot for the Focus and Fiesta, especially the ST line. Recently we acquired a 2014 with a pretty good build on her that we're making a shop car. I'll add the link to the previous owner's modifications at the end of this post. We picked up the car yesterday and it's a blast to drive with all things on it now. Obviously there's some things I want to change on it, cooling is a big concern down here, but always open to suggestions! Hoping to learn a lot about this car from here, somewhat miss the forum life haha :)

Leif Coopman's 2014 Ford Fiesta on Wheelwell


And my sleeper Ion that's been restored during quarantine for good measure ;)



I'll post up some shop cars later if there's interest. Thanks for having me guys!
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I'm actually on there as well, had posted in both thread the same week to see which had actual activity. Much appreciated though.
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