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Focus ST vs Fiesta ST

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I've driven both, but you'll have to wait for my Fiesta ST Test Drive article coming shortly to know my thoughts. ;)

But, what are YOUR thoughts?

You don't need to have driven either, or both, to let us know your thoughts!
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I have to say the rear of the Focus ST wash the part I just couldn't warm up to it wasn't just the lights I could get used to them in time it was like the shape just seemed odd to me or maybe it just seemed wider then I thought it should. the Style is fine I like the FiST size grill better than the FoST but you don't see that behind the wheel.. To each there own that's what makes the world go round. Hope its as fun or funnerer to drive than the FoST has been from talking to drivers. Cant wait to see what the Astonish Mustang looks like too but that's a whole different forum lol
FiST on Brothers !!! :wtf:
That's exactly what I mean by weight. It's hard for a 3300 pound car to feel nimble.

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LOL you should try it with a 4400ish lb Challenger !! :poop:
FoST has the turbo and intercooler im thinking that stuff costs Lbs
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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