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Focus ST vs Fiesta ST

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I've driven both, but you'll have to wait for my Fiesta ST Test Drive article coming shortly to know my thoughts. ;)

But, what are YOUR thoughts?

You don't need to have driven either, or both, to let us know your thoughts!
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If there was a worlds ugliest tail light award the Focus would be a favorite to win.

The whole look and proportions seem wrong from the drivers seat back.

The engine is great but the fuel economy is much worse.

Behind the wheel, it does everything right but the Fiesta does everything better except accelerate (I can fix that).

I did cross shop the Focus ST against the Fiesta ST but the Focus would have needed to cost less to cover the fuel and my dealer wouldn't bargain that much.

Some times you have to go with your feelings even when the numbers seem to point a different direction. I feel very strongly that I'm making a good choice.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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