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Focus ST vs Fiesta ST

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I've driven both, but you'll have to wait for my Fiesta ST Test Drive article coming shortly to know my thoughts. ;)

But, what are YOUR thoughts?

You don't need to have driven either, or both, to let us know your thoughts!
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I was dead set on the Focus ST until I drove the Fiesta ST in Brazil for the X Games. Instantly I fell in love with the Fiesta ST. It felt more nimble, smaller, easier to drive, and more raw than the Focus ST. I felt like the Fiesta ST was designed for me and I felt very comfortable behind the wheel. The Fiesta ST made more turbo related sounds and had more precise steering feel. The Focus ST is a ton of fun to drive, but I never totally felt like home behind the wheel. I have driven a number of them and liked them all, but loved the Fiesta ST instead. The wider look and lower roof of the Focus ST makes for a very mean looking car compared to the kind of narrow and tall Fiesta, but the Fiesta ST feels meaner from the driver's seat. On a road course and autocross course, the Fiesta ST has no trouble hanging and sometimes going faster than the Focus ST. Perhaps on a very long road course the Focus ST would really dominate, but on the techinical courses I run on, the Fiesta ST is the only way to go.
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