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Focus ST vs Fiesta ST

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I've driven both, but you'll have to wait for my Fiesta ST Test Drive article coming shortly to know my thoughts. ;)

But, what are YOUR thoughts?

You don't need to have driven either, or both, to let us know your thoughts!
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...yeah, I still hate it. Which is a shame because I find much of the rest of the exterior attractive. Except the gaping catfish maw.
I have noticed. Does that make it attractive?

I find the lines and stance of the car rather nice. I find the grille treatment obnoxious (every bit as much as the Mazda Smile). And my dislike of the Pinocchio nose is my only complaint about the rear styling.

I think the Fiesta is a more tasteful design overall. The smaller grille located higher on the fascia gives it less of a bottom-feeding quality. The proportions are right on. The rear is pert.

Don't get me started on the interiors.
(I think the stock Focus hatch is a very handsome car, minus the taillight affectations. But I prefer the 2011 Fiesta's fascia to the 2014's. The Aston cues look good on the Fusion, but methinks they should have stayed there.)
Agreed, friend. My experience with the current-gen Mazda 3, front to back, hatch or sedan, is always: "Hey, nice. Clean. Modern. Like it. WAUGH"

And I'm kind of a Mazda fanboy.
I'm currently driving a stripper 2003 Protege DX and it just won't die. My wife's got a 2013 CX-5 and my folks have owned a couple of generations of Miata ('94 and '05). Great cars. I have a real soft spot for the brand. They've always treated us well.

If Mazda had announced a 3rd gen Mazdaspeed3 to coincide with this upcoming model...well.
That's exactly what I mean by weight. It's hard for a 3300 pound car to feel nimble.

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That is precisely why I decided against the FoST. My Protege weighs about 2650 pounds, and I couldn't abide the idea of a similar-sized car weighing 600 pounds more (!!!). That narrowed it down to the FR-S and the FiST, and the FiST won out on practicality.
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The hatchback has a curb weight of 3043, actually.

(but that's still 200lbs)
I like the idea of the taillights but I hate the rounded quality to the fingers. It makes them look blob-like rather than sharp. Hardly 'focused', as it were.
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