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SOLD, shipping out asap:)

GodSpeed, 24x7x3" core, welded elbows with ribs to keep the hoses from popping off.
These are widely known to be very good intercoolers for the price and this one has been custom modified with the ends, fit well to the car, etc.....
Never used, just installed, like new then.
$279.00 shipped in 48 states, subsidized elsewhere
OBO and that means higher offers as well

Morgan Utah

I mounted it with custom brackets welded to the inside of the bumper beam, I will include brackets, options available.

The stock hoses fit perfectly on the ends.

Selling because I decided to go to a a bit bigger IC as going to upgrade the turbo and run on road race courses where heat is a huge issue.

I have many hours invested in this making it fit, there is a little work to do, easy stuff, ti make it a nice snug, veritcal, etc fit but it would go on without doing this.

Sand corner of bracket shown off a little and use two long screws vice the bolt for the undertray mount, I will include the screws.
I cut off the upper ends of the brackets which is not part of installing this, I am making a different mount for that area but you do not have to, just leave them on.

Thanks, have a great day

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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