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Ford adjusting advertised fuel mileage

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Some Fiesta owners are going to get some cash back. I don't see the ST listed though.

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FWIW, you may want to check your mileage calculations yourself. My car is at least occasionally calculating incorrectly. On my recent trip, it calculated a 99% interstate highway stretch of about 200 miles at 30.6 mpg; my own calculations had it at 34.2 mpg.
Did you carry the 1?
Heh-heh. Well, actually, I had to borrow ten at one point, I think . . . .
Do you reset it every time that you fill up?
Nope, but I did that time. Noticed it when I happened to flip past the calculated mpg and saw it had gone down during a moderate-paced highway run.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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