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Actually I don't even know if you can use Pandora with my ford touch. I keep forgetting to try. Has anyone tested it?
It does work OK with via Bluetooth but the only car controls that works are next track and play/pause, artist and title display also, have got this to work with my android phone and my ipad. Changing stations, thumbs up/down etc. have to be done on the phone. The Ford Applink for Pandora is for non touch systems only but supposedly one will be developed for MyFord Touch eventually.
There are LOTS of posts on the web from Ford buyers who are very unhappy that applink works on basic Sync systems but not on the MyFord Touch system they paid extra $$$ for....hopefully Ford will fix this someday.
FWIW the sound quality of Pandora One (paid account) via my cars bluetooth is very good, waaay better than the horrible Sirius music audio.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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