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From a Focus to a FiST

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I'm an immigrant from Focaljet and other Focus enthusiast forums (RedComet on most of those), so I'm not entirely foreign to the Ford sport compact scene. Went from a 2012 Focus SE Sport (With Steeda & FSWERKS gear on it) to a 2014 Tuxedo Black (w. matte black striping) Fiesta ST. No Recaros, no nav, no sunroof, either. Didn't need any of those, so I figured I'd save some money. Now I'm proudly in the ecoboost camp. I'm a big fan of late 80s/90s Japanese sportscars, and Euro-styled hatches. The latter means I was sold dead-to-rights when I heard the FIesta ST was coming to the US. Hoping to get set-up with a COBB AccessPort and some other goodies once time/money allow me to focus on that. Got big plans for this little thing. :D

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Nice. Really digging that stripe. Want something similar on my PB, but not sure what color, thinking dark gray or black reflective. :). I too came from a focus, first a 2012 SE, then a 2013 ST.
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