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From a Focus to a FiST

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I'm an immigrant from Focaljet and other Focus enthusiast forums (RedComet on most of those), so I'm not entirely foreign to the Ford sport compact scene. Went from a 2012 Focus SE Sport (With Steeda & FSWERKS gear on it) to a 2014 Tuxedo Black (w. matte black striping) Fiesta ST. No Recaros, no nav, no sunroof, either. Didn't need any of those, so I figured I'd save some money. Now I'm proudly in the ecoboost camp. I'm a big fan of late 80s/90s Japanese sportscars, and Euro-styled hatches. The latter means I was sold dead-to-rights when I heard the FIesta ST was coming to the US. Hoping to get set-up with a COBB AccessPort and some other goodies once time/money allow me to focus on that. Got big plans for this little thing. :D

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You want to do some things? .... autox in downtown Hartford this Sunday
LAZ, right?
Will do, Randy! Always good to see a familiar face in the aftermarket, to be sure.
It would be cool to have several FiST's show up, even if not all of them drive. You can always jump in for the fun runs at the end.
By the way, I thought there was a no-spectators rule in place for CART's autox events?
I will try and be there tomorrow morning. Look for two women in a black FiST and you should have no trouble spotting us, lol. I might not be behind the wheel though, depending on when I get to sleep tonight.

Edit: going to have to try for a different weekend. Just a little too last minute.

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I forgot to update this thread when I got this for the ST...

Currently running the 93 Octane Stage 1 v102 map (and occasionally the Economy v102 map). Love the increased power and low-end response from the car; it spools like crazy now, but still returns excellent mileage.

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I'm starting to consider my options for an exhaust, knowing that I will [more than likely] get an aftermarket catless DP first. I'm probably going to go with the Milltek decat DP or, if Cobb ever gets to it, theirs. ATP Turbo's 3'' catless DP is also a consideration. In any case, what will I mate it to? I've got two options that I'm considering:

1. Is the Milltek non-resonated catback. It's a 2.75'' system, it sounds decent. It's a bit pricey at almost $700 for the catback when you factor in shipping from a US distributor.

2. A custom option. I'm thinking either 2.75'' or full 3'' (I'm not sure 3'' is merited with the tiny BorgWarner K03 turbo. Look at all the A4 Ts and stuff with it, few run a 3-inch exhaust. What I have in mind is a mostly straight pipe with a Blitz Performance Nur Spec universal 80mm muffler at the end of it, and possibly a different aftermarket resonator in the stock location should that prove too loud.

I know to some here, a JDM-style exhaust might sound like blasphemy (on what is essentially a UK+German car), but this is no eBay special, as those familiar with Blitz will inform. I can source the muffler for about $350, and factoring in labor and pipe costs I'll probably come in at about the same price as the Milltek after shipping. The primary advantage I see in this system is I have a fair idea of why the blitz muffler sounds like with FI 4-cylinder engines, it's a high quality piece, and it would stand apart from other STs. There's a local performance shop I trust to do the work that's experienced with class-winning racecar fabrication so I'm not over-concerned that a custom job wouldn't net me as much power as one of the branded exhausts.

My last car had an FSWERKS race catback on it, which I loved, but I'm not so in love with the FSWERKS piece for the FiST, having heard it in person. The Focus sounded massive with that exhaust, but being a 1.6L turbo means that the sound is going to be quieter, and thinner.

At least I've got plenty of time to think.
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I am trying to save for the MRT catback exhaust, sounds great and returns good power numbers. I had a blitz nur exhaust on my old Toyota Supra turbo, great exhaust but not something that I think would look good coming out of the back of a FiST, and I doubt you would return good gains...
Care to substantiate?

I don't really like the look of anything currently offered sticking out the back of a FiST, so that's entirely relative. Not a fan at all of same-side, twin-exit tailpipes. The Nur Sec muffler is part of several very decent exhaust systems for a variety of performance turbo cars, returning very good power, so I don't see the validity of the second statement either.
Good for you, I guess? The MRT is meh, and I'm not a fan of the sound. Sounds way too close to an SRT4 Neon, which is a sound that really gets on my nerves.

Supra... Eh. RX7? I like getting places, not being on the side of the road. Cool cars, but whatever.
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I'm waiting to look at the MBRP ???
Other than that, I'm leaning to the Miltek
MBRP did something for the FoST--my friend Joe in MA has it. Didn't know they were going to do one for the FiST. Are they?
Okay, I see it. Interesting. I'll keep my eye on it. Boo that they're doing dual exit. So not a fan of that look.
Picked up some goodies for the car yesterday: Bosch oil filter and a giant jug of Pennzoil's new Platinum PurePlus 0W-20. Going to run that for 6k probably send then do a UOA. Also picked up paper work for new plates.../snicker

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Unfortunately, I have some bad news to share. On my way home from grocery shopping before going out to celebrate my birthday yesterday (which is actually tomorrow, but work tomorrow), this happened:

As a friend of mine said later that night, the pictures don't tell the real story. The front bumper is cracked up at the impact area, the wheel is rashed up, and there are cracks along the headlight panel (headlamp assembly is fine) and right front quarter gap. The horn is kaput, as well, which is kind of odd. Not sure if it's the horn itself or if the entire assembly is jacked up. I'm furious, as I've had the FiST for less than three months. Airbags didn't deploy, and no one was hurt, but still.

So, what happened you ask? For one, I wasn't behind the wheel, my fiancee was (as I still haven't replaced my glasses, which I need in order to feel comfortable driving unless it's a total emergency). I was in the passenger seat. Coming home on the main drag of our town, about 2-3 blocks from our house, there is a gas station. This woman in a Chevy Equinox CUV turned left and cut out in front of us without warning. If the brakes on the FiST weren't as good as they are, this could have been much worse. The other driver's excuse was that 'someone else was let out before, so I thought it was safe'. She left her front plate in the middle of the road (lol). She, despite being in her mid 60s, claimed 'never to have been in an accident'. Which I find hard to believe considering she didn't even look before pulling out and striking us almost immediately. The only conceivable excuse she might have is that she had the sun in her eyes, but that would make it incumbent on her to be even more careful. She wasn't. There were plenty of witnesses, and she was issued a citation by local LEOs on the spot.

A nice little birthday present for me, I guess. Now I guess my only recourse to make sure the new bumper is correctly paint matched to Tuxedo Black Metallic is to go to Ford (I bet there'll be a nice long wait on a Fiesta ST bumper, too!) and hope that her insurance doesn't put up a fight paying for everything, hopefully including a new wheel, as the rim looks fairly sharp and I'm afraid of it puncturing the sidewall and causing a blowout. Suspension seems intact though, which is a relief.

Needless to say, my weekend is ruined.
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Sorry to hear it. Make sure that you talk with the claims adjuster to be sure that you get all new Ford parts and get a warranty on the repairs.
What a downer!:(
Yeah, I will. I'm going to be very insistent about getting it all OEM with warranty. I'm simply not going to settle for any less. This wasn't our fault, and I don't see why we should have to pay the price, so to speak, for someone elses' inattention and idiocy damaging our brand new stuff--and possibly hurting us in the process.
Some small updates.

During the wait time to get my car repaired (while still driveable), I've been messing around with getting the car reprogrammed. All I can say for the moment is that once we've had a little more time under our belt with the new tuning, I'll report on my opinion and take on it. The car is going in for repair on Wednesday, and I currently have a set of Hella Supertones on the way to replace the damaged/broken OEM horns (which in both STs are located behind the front fascia ahead of the RF footwell, hence why they broke).

Also, I ordered some vinyls from DMB Graphics UK before they stopped doing their Ford gel badge overlays, which I can't wait to put on the car once the front is repaired. Hopefully I'll have more positive news to report in a week or two.
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Have patience and all will be returned to normal before you know it.:)
BTW: I have those Hella horns in mine and love them. Much louder than stock.
How do you have them mounted? Stock location? I'm letting the shop just install them to the stock brackets and later going to go to my friend's place, take the front end off, and fab up a metal piece to mount them behind the grill, for the menace. Were they easy to wire?
I want to do the same, but it'll wait until I'm at my friend's garage. Want them to be visible through the grille for more volume, but also love the look of Hellas sitting behind a black grille. They should be here in time for me to drop them off along with the car.

Loading up a revision to my tune, and then getting out on the road later to collect some data before I have to take the FiST in for work on Wednesday. I'll share the details of what I've been up to once done.
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Same price roughly as the OEM part? Well, why not. Arrived on time for dropping the car off to repair everything else, thankfully (Huzzah, Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping).

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Yeah but the FiST has different struts than the regular Fiesta.
It's still no excuse, even if the part is different (which, like you said, it is). Go figure I have my friend who owns an R34 Skyline GT-R telling me to 'stop moaning' because if he had an accident, it'd be moths before it was repaired. Somehow, I sense a difference between the kinds of cars we drive.
Would you be able to upgrade to a better sturt like the blistiens or something ?? Did they say what on the sturt is damaged or is it something the strut bolts too ??
We'd love to, but that'd come out of our pockets, which are pretty empty. If I had the money laying around I'd buy a set of Bilstein B14s and be done with it.

LOL, moths. Sorry, this laptop is old, and the keys are no longer so great.
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