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From a Focus to a FiST

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I'm an immigrant from Focaljet and other Focus enthusiast forums (RedComet on most of those), so I'm not entirely foreign to the Ford sport compact scene. Went from a 2012 Focus SE Sport (With Steeda & FSWERKS gear on it) to a 2014 Tuxedo Black (w. matte black striping) Fiesta ST. No Recaros, no nav, no sunroof, either. Didn't need any of those, so I figured I'd save some money. Now I'm proudly in the ecoboost camp. I'm a big fan of late 80s/90s Japanese sportscars, and Euro-styled hatches. The latter means I was sold dead-to-rights when I heard the FIesta ST was coming to the US. Hoping to get set-up with a COBB AccessPort and some other goodies once time/money allow me to focus on that. Got big plans for this little thing. :D

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Like the stripe!:) Welcome from another CT resident.
Sorry to hear it. Make sure that you talk with the claims adjuster to be sure that you get all new Ford parts and get a warranty on the repairs.
What a downer!:(
Have patience and all will be returned to normal before you know it.:)
BTW: I have those Hella horns in mine and love them. Much louder than stock.
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Wiring was just replacement for the stock horns, but I fabbed a basic bracket to mount them near the stock location because they are larger than the stockers. I would be interested to get them mounted behind the grill so that the sound would be more direct and loud.
Quick update on the FiST.
The good news: We went to check up on the progress of the repair on Thursday and the paint job looks amazing. Can't even tell it was damaged.
The bad news: the right front strut is broken and the shop is currently waiting for a replacement with no real eta on it. So unfortunately, we have no idea how much longer we are going to be without our FiST.
That really sucks.:(
So, uh, someone hit us again. We were stopped at a light and got rear-ended by a Murano riding on a repair tag who 'didn't see us there' and nearly bolted. Whole bumper is screwed up, there's some intrusion into the rear passenger side wheel well, the exhaust is hanging funny, the hatch won't close, and the front driver's side door is sticking/resisting more than the other doors. I'm afraid the frame is an all likelyhood--particularly the unibody B-pillar--bent. The last time we got it hit, it was practically 5k in damage. This is probably more. It's already not worth a lot. This....this might be goodbye. Car is also driving kind of funny, and pulling to the left a bit.

Ouch! That sucks!:headbang:
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