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Front or Rear Bar?

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I have the Eibach sway bars because I was going to go to STX, but have decided to stay in HS. I am running yellow Konis and 200TW tires on lightweight rims and the question becomes which bar do I use?

Traditional wisdom says add a rear bar to a FWD car. Some folks say the FiST will do better with a Front bar. I run small, tight courses and have issues with spinning the inside front tire coming out of corners. A rear bar may help, a front bar may not. BUT A front bar may reduce body roll and also help traction - if I can learn to drive corners properly. It's all so confusing.

What are setup are the folks at Nationals running? What are the pros and cons?
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Well, I ran both configurations and can say that normal FWD logic applies to the FiST. While there are arguments for a front bar to keep the front planted and wheels level and in contact, that will help in long sweepers and literally hurt anywhere else. So for a track day or perhaps Nationals, with the right driving style, it might work.

For me however, the stiff front bar and stiff shocks allowed weight transfer under braking to happen too fast, locking up the front brakes easily. The car plowed like a Caterpillar DC6 and had zero traction coming out of the corners. The inside front wheel just spun and spun.

For small, tight autocross courses, OEM front and bigger rear is the way to go.
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