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Front plate @ delivery?

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Curious... As I've now seen two different setups locally at dealerships..

For those of you in places that require front plates... Are your cars arriving at the dealership with the plate bracket pre installed? Or are your dealers installing them?

Are your rivets into the bumper itself, or into the black mesh grille?

Anyone in a front plate location, who's car came without a front bracket attached already?

One dealership had the bracket riveted into the black mesh area, and on had it riveted through the painted bumper area itself.

I have requested nothing to be attached to mine, but.... nobody has been able to tell me if they are coming pre attached from the factory or if it's being done in the dealership.
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mine came with one from factory because it was a special order. Dealer ordered it that way because of NY laws :(
I just realized from this picture mine looks to be connected to the grill . When I go outside tomorrow I'll have to look at it. On my window sticker it did say front license plate bracket. Btw the new New York plates are ugly.

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