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Front plate @ delivery?

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Curious... As I've now seen two different setups locally at dealerships..

For those of you in places that require front plates... Are your cars arriving at the dealership with the plate bracket pre installed? Or are your dealers installing them?

Are your rivets into the bumper itself, or into the black mesh grille?

Anyone in a front plate location, who's car came without a front bracket attached already?

One dealership had the bracket riveted into the black mesh area, and on had it riveted through the painted bumper area itself.

I have requested nothing to be attached to mine, but.... nobody has been able to tell me if they are coming pre attached from the factory or if it's being done in the dealership.
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I know the Focus ST forums have lots of photos posted of Focus ST's with rivets in the grille, or with a black plate behind the grille that is drilled to hold the plate instead of the bumper. But I don't really see Fiesta's arriving that way. They seem to be either arriving, with or without a front plate.
The Focus ST plates are smack dab in the middle of the grille so that's the only place they would be riveted. It looks even worse than the Fiesta front plate... If you look closely you can see that entire middle part of the grille is solid (it's not a black plate behind the grille), that's because that's where the plate goes. So the plate doesn't actually block any airflow, it's that way with or without the plate. You can see in this picture the owner found a better front plate solution.

It's the same with the Fiesta, the bottom part of the big grille is solid so the plate isn't blocking any airflow. The unfortunate part for people that want to remove the Fiesta plate is that most of it is on the painted part so that's where it's drilled and riveted. If it was drilled at the grille it wouldn't be real noticeable if it was removed.

Mine is riveted on, and Arizona only gives you one plate, so I'm guessing my dealer doesn't know its possible to order without? Anyway, as a temp solution I went with an AZ flag plate, until someone comes up with a good looking solution to the holes left in the bumper.
I would hate the dealer for that if a front plate was not required in the state I lived. There's no point in ruining the front end if a front plate isn't even given to you...
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I'm looking at the window sticker I downloaded from Ford for the car I put a deposit on, and it lists under optional equipment 'Front License Plate Bracket' at no additional charge. Since the car is at a dealer in Arizona, I'm wondering if that means it's riveted to the car at the factory? Guess I'll email my sales rep and ask. Kinda dumb to deliver it that way since Arizona doesn't require front plates.
Yeah, I'd definitely figure that out. It seems some come on from the factory and some are installed at the dealer, but it doesn't make sense as to when it comes on and doesn't.
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