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Front plate @ delivery?

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Curious... As I've now seen two different setups locally at dealerships..

For those of you in places that require front plates... Are your cars arriving at the dealership with the plate bracket pre installed? Or are your dealers installing them?

Are your rivets into the bumper itself, or into the black mesh grille?

Anyone in a front plate location, who's car came without a front bracket attached already?

One dealership had the bracket riveted into the black mesh area, and on had it riveted through the painted bumper area itself.

I have requested nothing to be attached to mine, but.... nobody has been able to tell me if they are coming pre attached from the factory or if it's being done in the dealership.
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Don't think I chimed in here yet,
My car was custom ordered without front plate.
Car arrived @ dealer with front plate pre-installed.

Thumbs down @ ford for that one.
Hye Mayhem, u said u in BC right?
I ordered mine 3 months ago its suppose to come dec 20, the guy i talk to at the dealership is a freind of mine and he said they ordered it without the front plate, so youre saying there is a possiblity that it will come pre attached, because i will be really mad at them if that happens. Yes its mandatory in BC to have your front plate, but i just dont care, it makes the car look i ll hold on as long as i can to have no front plate.. but yeah i dont know anyone in the city with a fiST and my car (richport ford) will be their first ST order
I get mine tomorrow and i ll let you guys know if it comes with the mounted plate frame, regardless i think i will move it.
it is mandatory here in Vancouver also but i ll take my chances :)
I finally got around to removing the front bracket on the Fiesta. It looks so much better! I also ordered some touch-up paint for the plastic plugs that are filling the holes. Before and after pics..... View attachment 390 View attachment 391 View attachment 392
Hey so i just got my car today and as expected it came with the plate frame mounted.. I was wondering which key u used for your car to remove those bolts.. Im pplanning on removing it tomorrow if I can..thanks
I just used a 3/8 drill bit and drilled the front rivits out. It was tricky to do, if you aren't comfortable drilling it out yourself you can just take it to a body shop and they can drill it out. I also went to lowes and bought 3/8 inch plastic hole plugs to fill the holes in the bumper. I hope this helps

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Thanks a lot, i ll try to find a 3/8 plastic plug from a local hardware store and try it out..
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