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Located in Milltown, NJ

Cost: $380 shipped ( everything pictured/listed below)
Collection Suspension Auto part Subcompact car

Bilstein PSS kit(front struts/rear shocks) w/Blue springs (285lb/230lb)
Rear spring height adjusters (as included with the kit)
Machined front spring perches to accommodate 2.25" linear springs
Pair of KYB AGX rear shocks with custom bump stops
Pair of Eibach/Ground Control GC200.64.67 (8/2.5"/380 lbs)
Modified stock upper strut mounts for additional -1.0 of camber.
Coilover perch wrenches(not pictured but included)
Pair of rear shock boots and shortened bumpstops (on Bilsteins)

Reason for selling:

This off season I decided to jump into the deep end of the pool and am having $$$$ shocks built so my beloved Bilstein kit is up for sale.


Purchased new in April 2013, it's been on the car in one variation or another ever since. (Took it off in November 2013 for winter) So it's never seen snow.

Front struts polished aluminum could use a buff up to make them shiny as they have dulled over the last 20 months. Rear shocks were only on the car for 6 months, then I bought a set of KYB AGXs to go with a more stiff 380# rear spring rate.

I played around with front spring rates and found 350-400 to be about right. I sold the 400s for a set of 550s to try them. If you want to go with a linear rate spring, I still have the tenders and spacers needed to install a 2.25" spring(we can work out extra cost). You need to get 6" long front springs to fit properly and get the front ride height right. The 550s were great for an all out Autocross car, but the ride sucked. I still have the 550/600 springs, but it's too much spring for the stock Bilstein valving. Instead of sending the Non adjustable Bilsteins off to have the valved for the springs, I decided to have a set of single adjustables made specifically for this car and run the 500/550 springs. Sure it will be a "firm" ride, but I'll deal with it to have a Nationally Competitive autox car.

You'll love this kit on a daily driver. The rear springs swap out in seconds and the 380s pop right in with a couple of zip ties. No adjusters needed which is why I spec'd these springs out specifically.


I don't have an extra set of front strut boots or I'd assemble them, set the preload and ride height, and ship them that way.
If you want me to get a set of boots and put them together, I can do that for exact cost of the boots.

I don't have an extra set of rear shock upper mounts or I'd assemble these also. I could get you a pair of upper mounts and install them for you and ship them..Once again, all you'd pay is exact cost.

If you want them to be pretty, Polish them with a soft wire wheel, or Metal polish and a buffer. I've done it twice and they look great, but don't make the car any faster. I got tired of bending down to see how shiny they actually are, so I stopped polishing them this summer.

My recommendation of setup?

Bilstein front struts and springs
-(Add 600/225/350 front springs & tenders for perfect DD/Autox toy)
KYB rear shocks and Eibach 380 Rear springs

Set the front ride height 1/2" lower than the rear for a great stance (rear ride height would be fixed with this spring)

Go out and have a blast with your new killer suspension.
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