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FSWERKS 2.5" sport exhaust dyno

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FSWERKS has a new exhaust video on YouTube and it includes the dyno graph...there is also a dyno for the exhaust vs. Stock as well as a dyno for sport exhaust and cool flo vs. Stock
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I loved my old FocusSport exhaust on my ZX3, numbers look good and the company is great to deal with. Just need the car to show up now.
never really dealt w/them but have never heard anything bad...they seem to produce quality products
I had almost every FocusSport product on my old car at one point or another, all quality stuff.

Wish they had a dyno of intake, exhaust + Cobb tune but they are already making more HP than the tune added. Combine it all and it should be great.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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