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Fuel fuel efficiency

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I am about 550 miles into my Fiesta ST ownership, and it seems like my MPG gauge seems to finally have leveled out. However, this is very concerning because it has flattened at about 24 MPG. most of my driving is Highway and during my commute i definitely try to nanny it, shifting before 2 grand. This is my first manual car, so i wouldn't be surprised if I'm doing something wrong, but I would at least like to get to the low end of what the sticker fuel economy is during my commute. does anyone have any experience in this? what kind of MPG are people seeing?
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Get a professional with the right equipment to check your alignment if you want to do so, there is no DIY way. I don't ever check what the trip computer tells me my MPG is, I think it usually reads 20-22. I calculate the average from each tank so I know exactly what I get, so far I have gotten 24MPG consistently with 100% city driving, and going pretty hard on the gas pedal.
Just calculated my last tank with half a tank of city driving, one full-throttle hillclimb from 5,500ft to 10,700ft (as well as an aggressive descent), some highway cruising, and a spirited mountain road drive : 30.03mpg. Damn I love this car.
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