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Fuel fuel efficiency

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I am about 550 miles into my Fiesta ST ownership, and it seems like my MPG gauge seems to finally have leveled out. However, this is very concerning because it has flattened at about 24 MPG. most of my driving is Highway and during my commute i definitely try to nanny it, shifting before 2 grand. This is my first manual car, so i wouldn't be surprised if I'm doing something wrong, but I would at least like to get to the low end of what the sticker fuel economy is during my commute. does anyone have any experience in this? what kind of MPG are people seeing?
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How fast are you driving on the freeway? I've gotten as high as 38+ when I stay around 62 but it will drop to high 20s at 80mph.
do you reset your MPG every time you fill up?
I would suggest resetting it then driving some more miles to see where it settles at again.
I can never mirror my driving tank to tank as my city and highway and driving style are all way too inconsistent. I'm sure over 1,000 miles you are getting an accurate average but one extra highway trip or one extra city trip and you're not at an accurate comparison before and after. Last summer for 1000+ miles with a lot of autocrossing and a lot of highway miles I only averaged 21mpg.
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