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Looking for some help please folks and to see if anyone has had issues getting work done under warranty.

I have a 2015 Mountune MP215 ST180, which has a gearbox issue. My mechanic has already said its gone and needs replacing and it is noticeable noisy even pulling away in first gear.

So I booked it in for a diagnostic on the 24th of August, which was the earliest time my local Ford dealer could look at it, after being told a week earlier the gearbox was faulty.

I then also noticed my screen was playing up on the media centre, so also raised that issue with them.

So I take the car there and it started well, with them saying you have a recall that we are doing for you today and I'm thinking winner and leave my car there and go back after an hour.

When I get there the person dealing with me was excitedly telling me how the media player screen was faulty and how they were doing the software update.

At this point I had to say say great so what about the gearbox, his face changed quickly to a panicked look.

He tried to steer the conversation again to how the screen was being replaced as a warranty claim. So again I had to say what about the gearbox box, as this is why I'm here as Ford told me they won't take anyone else's word for it that its faulty.

He then comes out with we need to book it on for a diagnostics, I quickly pointed out that's what I thought they were doing.

To only be told it was an initial check to see if there was an issue and now they have to strip it down to see why its faulty.

I was advised by them not to use it, as its very noisy and any further damaged created could result in Ford not covering a warranty claim.

So I said when can you do that only to be told not until a week Monday (3rd of September).

I then said so I can't use my car, no I didn't say that he said.

I say you have advised me not to, as further damage now its reported could damage my claim. That's correct, so I can't use my car I said to him.

He backed down as he could see I was annoyed, so do I get a car as you can't look at my car that has a fault for over a week and I can't use.

No, we need to see if Ford will allow a warranty you can tell I started to lose the will to live at this point.

So now I have no car as I left it there, I may have a curtsey car come Tuesday when I go back, but no idea if Ford will replace my gearbox on a 2015 ST that's only done 40k

So help is needed please folks as Ford customer care is offline till Tuesday and I'm not a happy chappie and am extremely annoyed with Ford at this moment in time.....but at least my media screen is getting replaced o_O
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