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What are the gear ratios on the FiST? I've seen comments that it hits 58mph at redline in second gear and that seems bizarre to me.

Ford comes out with the SVT Focus in 2002 with 170hp/145tq and I've hit 70mph at redline in second many times.

Then Ford comes out with thr Fiesta ST with 197hp/212tq and it only goes to 58mph in second?

All that low end torque and power but such short gearing? I know the gearing on the SVTF was stupid long but it seems like they could have made the gearing a bit longer on the FiST.

Granted, I haven't driven a FiST yet, so those who have, what are your thoughts on the gear ratios when driving around town and also in a sporty manner?

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If anybody wants to put it into the calculator my DHM tuned redline is at 7400, hard limit is 7700 in the ECU which I may go to.

0-60 times in two gears will be much faster than in 3 gears, likely a marketing thing they did;)
Gearing calculator shows with my 23" diameter tires, 7400 RPM redline, 63.18 MPH in second gear.
There is a hard limit at 7,700 RPM in the Ford tune, some want to see what 8,000 RPM does to the engine, I would love to have that and be safe:)
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