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What are the gear ratios on the FiST? I've seen comments that it hits 58mph at redline in second gear and that seems bizarre to me.

Ford comes out with the SVT Focus in 2002 with 170hp/145tq and I've hit 70mph at redline in second many times.

Then Ford comes out with thr Fiesta ST with 197hp/212tq and it only goes to 58mph in second?

All that low end torque and power but such short gearing? I know the gearing on the SVTF was stupid long but it seems like they could have made the gearing a bit longer on the FiST.

Granted, I haven't driven a FiST yet, so those who have, what are your thoughts on the gear ratios when driving around town and also in a sporty manner?

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I'm worried that if you add enough power, first will become useless, second will be too tall for acceleration and the spread between fifth and sixth is not very big.

It works but I don't think its ideal.

Cobb has already figured out how to adjust the rev limiter and going up to a 215/40r17 tire will make the effective gearing a little steeper so getting to 60 in second should be doable.

A nice big shift light is a good idea.
I think the first thing I'll try is raising the rev limit and maybe a taller tire (but I don't want to raise the cg).

I know Mountune is "developing" a close ratio gear set which probably means putting together a gear set using off the shelf Getrag parts from the various versions but might include gears that are special order or something.

Any way, if I could get the second gear from the Tourneo Connect, a 4.07 final drive, fool the computer in to allowing over boost in second gear and raise the rev limit to 7,000 that would be about right. Maybe throw in a Quaife while the tranny is open? The Focus 3'rd gear might be tempting too.
Yeah, that seems pretty ideal to me. Good for 0-60 without a shift to third and more top end for second gear autocross. 1/4 mile times might be better if you can finish in third, the MPH would probably be rev limited but you could swap to 3.82 if your engine can pull it well.

If there is a way to get over boost in second and Cobb comes through with a two-step launch control, I think an ST could do a lot better than the published acceleration times. If I can manage the turbo upgrade I've been thinking about and a set of sticky tires, deep 13's could be a reality.
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