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Good pricing on '11 Focus Sports Rim

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I'm wondering, what's the on-going prices for 17" Focus rims, seem identical to the Ford Racing Rims, I have a lead on a set of 4, that would need a good reconditioning as they are really scratched up, so wondering how much I should pay for them, these ones specifically, they come with TPMS included:
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I could get them for roughly $160 locally... Good deal? Or pass?
$160 for all four? If so go for it!
Yep, all 4 for $160... But they need a repaint/reconditioning...
DIY! New they are $150+ each.
So $160 is a good price? :)
You betcha!:) I would buy them myself if they were local.
Yea, I'll go see them tonight, then decide! These would be for my '14 SE and not ST :(
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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