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Greetings from Cali! Performace Blue ST

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Hello all, I just made a deal with a pure base Performance Blue Fiesta ST. Thanks to my Fiat Abarth being a lemon, I was able to pick a true hot hatch of my dreams!

Unfortunately, the dealership's delivery got delayed so I'm driving their Chevy Sonic as a loaner... :(
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This is gonna sound weird but were you at Fry's in Burbank yesterday? There was a PB FiST there with dealer plates still on it.
Haha Yea I was. I was there in the evening picking up some stuff real quick. I didn't see any other FiST though
Oh haha, I was parked like two rows farther down. It was weird, I pulled into my space, looked left, and the guy next to me was a Mustang with a sticker from another forum I'm on.
I work up near Palmdale. We'll have to have a "Fiesta ST's attack the mountain" run on the Angeles Crest Hwy some weekend. So far the hardest I've pushed my car was on Ortega Hwy following one friend in a Focus ST and another in a 500+hp Mustang GT. I didn't push it that hard because #guardrails.

Looks like a Fun Run :)
Let's see some photos of that pretty Performance Blue! :)
If you're heading down south from the high desert area, definitely do a little Bouquet Canyon run for fun twisties. I usually take this road when I've got time to spare and it's really late, so as not to run into any other cars on the road.
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definitely do a little Bouquet Canyon run for fun twisties.
I have done that canyon many times.
Why not try to join us at Willow this Sunday?

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