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Greetings from Downunder!

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Hi guys!

I hale from Brisbane, Australia.

Currently own a 'True Red' 2011 (WT) Fiesta Zetec.

(Zetec being the top spec model at the time with chrome trim, fog lights, big spoiler, slightly sportier seats and suspension, 16" alloys and 1.6 Petrol with 5 speed manual)

Me and the Missus have decided to take the jump and order a Fiesta ST!

Took one for a test drive a week ago and was truly deeply impressed on how it handled.

I have driven many a fleet car, and was always impressed how the standard Fiesta handled in comparison.

Not a wallowy, soft, mushy, uncertain autoslushbox powered "Whitegood".

Standard Fiesta was good, ST a huge step up again!

Now all we have to do is wait *boing boing boing* - This will be difficult!

Oh yes, and it will be red, of course :)
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Bloody copycat... :p
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If you're on Facebook, shoot through a request to join the SEQ crew (

We do heaps of stuff together - from ST to RS to XR4 and XR5...
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Its so red n cute!
Did you get any optional extras on yours?
Me n the Missus were thinking of a window tint + a rubber non slip boot mat for shopping.
The ST will be our daily driver.

Also hearing differing accounts of delivery times. Everything from 6 weeks to 4 months.
What is this 'options' word you speak? I've never heard of such a thing on Euro-sourced Fords. :D

I got the dealer protection pack (at half price - no way was I paying a fortune for it) because it guarantees for life against paint fade. Yes, on a red car, I'll take that, thank you very much!

Tinting I got done by one Byron at Tint a Car Milton. He's of the SEQ group 'originals' having had an XR5 for years. He'd do a better job than a dealership.
Just heard news. Deliver slated for Late June, early July.
Good stuff! At least you have some sort of timeline now. And, the way time seems to fly by, it'll be here before you know it...
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